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Rem[a]inders : Kahlan
It's been a while now, since I've posted the last batch of LotS wallpapers and I have to say something in me said "I'm done with it", but turns out I'm far form done as it's still such a great joy to do them... after all it's a more than just a hobby. So enjoy :)

Rem[a]inders: Kahlan
[1280x 960]

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Thanks sweetie!
Ps: Checked the link and the wall loads whole, so it's for you anyway :D

Edited at 2010-11-03 12:19 pm (UTC)

Kahlan looks awesome Mipps, loved the way you draped her gown over frame

You have such a talent for LOTS walls :)

Okay, so I must say how HAPPY I AM THAT YOU'VE MADE ANOTHER!!! On a second note.. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! <3 *snags*

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